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Where is the Pound Lane Plots development situated?
Pound Lane Plots is tucked away in the woodlands of Laindon in Essex, adjacent to the Grade 1 listed St. Nicholas Church and Local Wildlife Site, just 35 minutes by train or 1 hour by car to London
What are the facilities in the area?
  • Both Laindon and Basildon Railway Stations are about a 5 minute drive away, with 35 minute fast trains into Fenchurch Street
  • The nearest bus stop is on Pound Lane about a 5 minute walk away, which takes you into Basildon Town Centre
  • Pound Lane Plots is about 12 minutes away from the M25, and about an hour’s drive into Central London
  • Pound Lane is close to three Ofsted outstanding Primary Schools
    • The Phoenix Primary (12 minute walk)
    • Lee Chapel Primary (6 minute drive)
    • Great Berry Primary (6 minute drive)
  • And a number of Ofsted rated good Secondary Schools
    • The James Hornsby, Laindon (11 minute walk)
    • The Basildon Academy (8 minute drive)
    • Woodlands School (5 minute drive)
  • Eastgate Shopping Centre in Basildon Town Centre is just a 6 minute drive or 20 minute walk away, with a large range of high street names plus fast food restaurants & coffee bars as well as ASDA
  • Supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s are all within a few minutes’ drive
  • Waitrose in Billericay is just 10 minutes’ drive
Local farms
  • Button Farm - Farm shop (8 minute drive)
  • Foxes Farm Produce - Corn maze and pumpkin patch (5 minute drive)
  • Chapman’s Lodge Farm - Pumpkin & squash patch (21 minute drive)
Green space

There are plenty of rural parks in the vicinity including

  • Barleylands Farm Park (5 minute drive)
  • Wat Tyler Country Park (11 minute drive) -
  • Noak Bridge Nature Reserve (6 minute drive)

And of course, you are living next to a large protected green space

  • Basildon Sporting Village is only a 5 minute drive or 18 minute walk away
    • Used as a training ground for th 2012 London Olympics, this facility includes a large gym, fitness studios, swimming pool, climbing wall, cricket & football pitches, netball courts, an athletics stadium and a creche
  • Stock Brook Manor Golf & Country Club is a 27 hole championship course (16 minute drive)
  • Belvedere Golf Range (6 minute drive)
  • Basildon Lawn Tennis Club (9 minute drive)
  • Fine dining options include The Magic Mushroom serving modern British cuisine
  • Casual cafes and restaurants as well as bars and pubs within a short drive, including the Billericay Brewing Company
Historic sites

St Nicholas Church is just at the top of the hill up the lane from Pound Lane Plots, and is a Grade I listed building, built in the 13th Century on the site of a Norman church. The timber roof is more than 500 years old while the nave is more than 800 years old.

Pound Lane Development

How many plots are available in this development?

There are 12 plots available with 3 distinct detached house designs. The early bird sales launch starts with plot 3, 4 and 6.

What is a shell/DIY home?

Buying a house at shell level means we will build the house to a wind and watertight level, but without finishing off the interior fit out and internal building services.

Why would I choose to fit out the house myself?

A DIY home is for people who want to have maximum control over the finish, design, layout and specification, without taking on the risk of building a house from scratch and being involved in complicated planning procedures. You get the chance to create your dream house the easy way. You’re in charge so you decide!

What is an A la Carte turnkey home?

A turnkey home is for people who want to move in straight away but still want choice. You get to choose from a number of fixed price options and we will get on and build it for you.

Who designed the houses in this development?

The three house designs are designed by renowned architects Mae, Pitman Tozer and AOC.

Can I choose a plot and hire my own professionals to design and build my dream house?

Unfortunately this is not possible because each plot has planning permission for that specific house design and we have to build it for you. However, we offer three different house designs, each in two different sizes, in shell or turnkey finish level and with a list of fixed price options.

Can I choose another design on my preferred plot?

No, unfortunately this is not possible as each plot has planning permission for its own design.

What is the communal green area?

The communal green area is the area in the middle of the development. Each purchaser is obliged to join a residents’ association to maintain the area. It will then be up to the residents to decide on the purpose and best use of the space: It could be an orchard or a playground, or maybe a picnic area, it’s up to you and your neighbours.

What is the estimated final price of the 3 houses for both a la carte & DIY?

Please see the website for more information or get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What are my choices?

You can choose from 12 different plots, each assigned with one of the three unique designs. Each design comes in a large and extra large version, varying in size from 1,292 to 1,776 sq ft. After that you can decide on the finish level (DIY or A la Carte) of your house and select additional customisation from our list of options.

What is a Plot Passport?

Each plot and its attached design has four Plot Passports, in line with the different sizes and finish levels, which include all the specifics about the finish levels and processes.

What are the options I can choose from?

For the DIY shell, you can choose from several external choices and you will then have a completely blank canvas on the interior (subject to building control and planning). For the A La Carte turnkey, you will have the same external choices as the shell and you will be able to pick from a vast catalogue of internal choices which will be delivered by our suppliers. if you wish to have more choices you are free to omit certain packages from the A La Carte range (subject to agreement)

What is a shell?

A shell is a wind and watertight building but with nothing on the inside.

What is the finish level delivered when I opt for a DIY home?
  • The house will be a wind and watertight, insulated structural shell. (i.e. foundations, floors, walls, roof, windows, exterior doors, stairs)
  • Utilities will be connected to the indicated location in the house, meters will be installed at the end of the driveway.
  • A builders stair and utility risers will be installed
  • Landscape of the site outside of the plot boundary
  • Construction of the driveway on the plot boundary
What do I have to do to finish the DIY home?
  • Design the interior fit out
  • Install utilities (heating, ventilation, electricity, and plumbing)
  • install permanent stairs or clad builders stairs.
  • Install internal walls and interior doors
  • Install bathroom, kitchen and utility fixtures and fittings
  • Interior wall, floor and ceiling finishing and decoration
  • External landscaping within plot boundary
  • Meet the requirements of building regulations for all works carried out by the purchaser
  • Meet the requirements of a building warranty for all works carried out by the purchaser
Can I choose environmentally friendly options?

At Pound Lane Plots you can install an air source heat pump instead of a gas boiler to heat your house more sustainably. You can also apply solar PV panels to the roof to harvest electrical energy.

What is Golden Brick?

The term Golden Brick refers to a specific point in a development, when HMRC designates that a building has become ‘residential’ for tax purposes. The reason that you would want to buy a plot at Golden Brick rather than buying ‘off-plan’, is that you will pay stamp duty on the value of what you buy. In this instance, you will pay stamp duty on the land price only instead of the whole house, saving you thousands of pounds.


How do I secure a plot?

The first step is to register your interest or make an enquiry and book a chat with our customer coach to find out details about the plot and process. Once you have understood all your options and costs, you can secure your plot by paying the £3,000 reservation fee which will reserve your plot for up to 12 weeks until exchange of contracts.

When do I need my funding arranged?

We will need to see proof of your funding before we take the plot off the market. Either by showing us your funds or by showing us that you have recieved a mortgage offer in principle for the amount you need to pay for both your chosen plot + your chosen house options.

How long does it take before I know what the total costs are?

You will know the exact cost of the house delivered by us if you choose a la Carte once you have selected the plot, size of the house, finish level and options. If you opt for the DIY route, we can connect you to our Quantity Surveyor to help you quantify your additional budget to finish the house.

What does it cost?

The total cost will consist of the following:

  1. The cost of the plot
  2. The cost of foundations
  3. The cost of the house (+ fit-out if you choose to buy a shell from us)
  4. The cost of the garden / plot landscaping
  5. The cost of a building control and building warranty and insurance
  6. The cost of any optional extras
How can I know If I can afford it?

We can introduce you to one of our funding partners who can talk you through your options. Please let us know if you need an introduction

When will I have to pay?

Stage 1: reservation fee = £3k
Stage 2: exchange: 10% of land price (deposit held by a solicitor) + 5% of House price (nonrefundable
Stage 3: complete on land: 90% of land price + foundation costs
Stage 4: Completion of timber frame: 60% of house price*
Stage 5: Completion of roof + 1st fix: 15% of house price*
Stage 6: Completion of external walls^: 15% of house price*
Stage 7: Completion of house without kitchen: 2.5% of house price*
Stage 8: Completion of all applicable packages: 2.5% of house price*
Stage 9: Move in!
* House price is total cost including upgrades
^ External walls does not include final render coat if applicable during winter months

What's included in the plot price?

Within our plot price we include:

  1. The cost of all designs
  2. The cost of the utilitiy servicing and drainage to your house
  3. The cost of the private road
  4. The cost of the landscaping of the communal space
  5. The cost of boundary treatment
  6. The cost of all permissions and paperwork
When do I need my mortgage in principle?

At the beginning of the next stage, the reservation period, you will have to show us proof that you have or can raise the funds to pay for both your chosen plot + your chosen house options.

What happens during the reservation period?

1. You will need to have engaged a solicitor and pay them the reservation fee of £3,000. Your solicitor will then get in touch with ours and pay them the reservation fee which will be held safely in their client account. This will be set off against your deposit (10% of the cost of the plot price) on exchange of contracts.

2. Once our solicitor has your reservation fee, they will send your solicitor the legal paperwork to purchase your home and we will take the plot off the market. Please note, we can only take the plot off the market once our solicitor has received the reservation fee.

3. While the legal documents are being sorted out, you will need to arrange for the next stage of your mortgage application to go through (if applicable) either directly with the lender or via your broker.

4. At the end of the reservation period, you will exchange contracts with us to buy the plot of your choice (plus foundations) and enter into a construction managaement agreement with one of our associated companies to build you your house. Please note that stamp duty is payable on the cost of the land plus the cost of foundations

What are the costs during the Reservation Period?

When entering the reservation period, you pay us a fee of £3,000. This will be set against the deposit once you have exchanged contracts. If you decide to pull out, you will get your money back minus a £500 administration fee and minus any other costs we have incurred during the reservation period.

What information will I get during the reservation period?
During the reservation period your lawyer will get the legal documents
Which agreements do I have to sign throughout the process?

You will sign the following agreements:

  1. Reservation agreement: reservation of the plot for 12 weeks to finalise your mortgage deal and exchange contracts with a fee of £3,000.
  2. Sales contract: purchase agreement for the plot + foundations
  3. Construction Management Contract: agreement for us to help you construct the house to your desired finish level
  4. Residents association: shared obligations for the communal green space.
When do I complete on the sales of the house?

You will complete on the sale of the plot (+ foundations) once we have built the foundations for your house. This is known as ‘Golden Brick’. We will then build out the house to your desired finish. You will pay for the house in a series of stages known as ‘stage payments’. This will be set out in the legal documents and will be in line with standard practice of self-build and custom build mortgage lenders.


When will the development of the site start?

Our current programme (which is subject to change) forecasts us finishing the infrastructure works in September 2021. At that point, if you have exchanged contracts, we will go on to build your house to your desired level.


When will the houses be built? Who builds the houses (contractor)?

Your house will take between 9-15 months to build depending on your choices.

When do I need to have my decisions (options) on paper?

This can all be done during the reservation period - final decisions will be made once you have made your 5% downpayment for the house construction

What is a construction management contract?
This is a standard form of contract that obliges us to deliver your house and obliges you to pay the bills directly to the suppliers. We will charge you a management fee of 15% on top of their costs for designing and delivering your house.
Who is Pound Lane Custom Build Ltd?

The development at Pound Lane Plots is a collaboration between two self-build developers, UK based Unboxed Homes and Netherlands based Steenvlinder, and three renowned British architectural firms, Pitman Tozer Architects, Mae architects and AOC.

How can we help?

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Pound Lane Collaboration:

The development at Pound Lane Plots is a collaboration between two self-build developers, UK based Unboxed Homes and Netherlands based Steenvlinder, and three renowned British architectural firms, PTA Architects, MAE architects and AOC.

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